Denda Associates is renowned for its unique services in the area of business incubation.

We provide premium quality incubation and consulting services to venture companies, which possess innovative and disruptive technologies and provide invaluable applications internationally.

One of our target sectors is the use of information technology in the green market. Our consulting services include business lectures and seminars for business leaders.

Our Mission

Developing an effective business strategy for startups in high technology, including the following areas:
  • renewable energy
  • wireless mobile
  • security
  • content

  • Assisting startups to obtain early-stage, seed funding from financial institutions and angels

    Helping companies achieve continued growth through sophisticated product planning and viable business models.

  • educational programs and lectures related to global expansion
  • support of foreign companies' entry into the Japanese market
  • assistance of Japanese companies' penetration into the worldwide marketplace

  • What's New

    • June 2010
      Norman N. Denda, President and CEO assumes Executive Adviser of Revatron Inc.

    • November 2009
      - Set up Prism Associates Plus LLC (venture development fund). Norman N. Denda, President and CEO assumes the presidency.
      - Co-found Proxure Asia Ltd. Invest and Norman N. Denda, President and CEO assumes Chairman of the Board (non-executive) of Proxure Asia Ltd.

    • October 2009
      - Investment to Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.

    • 2007
      Investment to pcPhase Co., Ltd. Norman N. Denda, President and CEO assumes corporate adviser.